The Society was created in 2015 by Joan Kohl, a lifelong animal lover and advocate. She was responsible for founding the Coral Springs Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital, Inc.  (D.B.A. Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital) in 1995. This non-profit organization was formed to provide care for injured, sick or orphaned native North American wildlife and to provide educational programs to the public on animal welfare and the environment. Joan provided over two decades of support for the welfare of wildlife and non-native exotic species but also still had a passion to assist all animals and was blessed to have rescued many non-native animals that she took home to become “family members” including 2 parrots, hundreds of birds, several cats, ferrets, lizards, turtles and others.

Forming the Society was a natural extension of her passion for animal welfare and provides a powerful tool to assist those groups that directly care for homeless pets until they are adopted or find euthanasia free homes. The Society will also try to educate the public about issues related to pet responsibility including the necessity to spay or neuter their pets, choosing the right pet and having them micro-chipped.

As a way to raise funds for the Society, Joan opened the “Animal Lovers Shoppe and Café” that sells new, gently used, antiques & collectibles along with tasty treats in its outdoor café. The store is run by an all-volunteer staff keeping the cost of operations to a minimum. The store accepts donations of items to be resold in the store with the revenue going to fund the operation of the store and to help provide much needed animal care. The café serves specialty coffees, teas, soft drinks, lunch and bakery items.